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Thailand has the largest steel market in the ASEAN region and with local production currently only approximately 30% of demand, they are suffering a severe shortage in supply. Therefore, The Long Luck Steel Mill in Bangkok is a key project and great investment opportunity. Such is the demand for locally produced steel, the Mill which is expected to fully operational mid 2014 already has a customer sales agreement in place for a minimum of 50% of the steel it will produce yearly.

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Steel Times

The mill is planned for an industrial estate in Samut Sakhon, and the group plans to produce, sell and distribute steel billets and steel wire rod, with a projected combined annual production of 380kt. Read more)

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Bangkok Post

Thai long-shape steel maker Long Luck Steel Group plans to open a steel billets mill worth US$36 million, slated to operate in mid-2014. The project has a new strategic partner, Asia Pacific Investment House (APIH), a venture capital firm registered in the British Virgin Islands. APIH did not reveal the amount of its investment. Read more)

steel times long luck steel journal asian pacific investment house

Wire World

With local production supplying only approximately 30 percent of demand, Thailand currently relies on imports potentially risking the quality and security of the supply chain.The APIH statement indicated that the Long Luck Steel Mill already has a buyer looking to purchase a minimum of 50 percent of the total yearly output produced. Read more)

wall street journal asian pacific investment house

Euro News Cloud

The Steel Mill will be located across forty acres of Industrial Estate in the Samutsakorn District, Zone 1 Bangkok. Producing, selling and distributing steel billets & steel wire rod, the Mill's annual production output projection is of 380,000 tons. Creating approximately 300 local jobs over 3 years, it will provide crucial sustainable employment and is expected to be fully operational mid 2014.(Read more)

Steel Guru

With local production only meeting 30% of Thailand's steel demand, the country potentially risks the quality and security of the supply chain by using imports, said an APIH.(Read more)

24/10/2013, Barcelona | Asia Pacific Investment House (APIH) confirmed early indications are looking positive for newly announced direct investment opportunity for The Long Luck Steel Manufacturing Mill in Bangkok.

23/10/2013, Barcelona | APIH has successfully completed its round one funding for Resort Development Paradise Haven in St Kitts & Nevis, raising US$50m target.

23/10/2013, Barcelona | Asia Pacific Investment House (APIH) announces it is leading the funding for Mali Petit Gold Mine in Banko, just 3 hours from Bamako and investor subscription now open.

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