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Renewable Energy, the opportunity for investors to do good and do well
The world's energy supply is declining, yet despite the stagnant economy, 2013 saw an acceleration in the growth of global energy consumption that looks set to continue. Indeed, according to predictions in the BP Energy Outlook 2035 published in January 2014, global energy consumption will rise by 41% by 2035. Although there is expansion across all types of energy, new energy forms play an increasingly significant role as the global energy system adapts to the changing world. Renewables, shale gas, tight oil and other new fuel sources in aggregate are estimated to grow by 6.2% p.a. and will account for 43% of the incremental energy production by 2035.

The Outlook 2035 report also recorded that renewable energy in power generation grew by an above-average 16.3% in 2013 with Europe & Eurasia once again contributing the largest growth increment and China contributing the largest national increment. Indeed for the first time, renewable energy accounted for more than 5% of global electricity production and 15% of EU power generation.

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Extending the outlook to 2035, the report predicts that renewables (including biofuels) will no longer be a minor player and with the fastest growing rate, will quickly surpass nuclear power and match hydro energy.

All of the above is underpinned by the political desire to be energy independent, which countries will only be able to achieve with heavy investment in renewable energy source projects.

With shares in primary energy (oil and coal) due to decrease going into 2035, development in technology and underpinning with investment is not only desirable, but absolutely necessary in order to achieve the growth predicted in renewable energy. Social and political pressures will provide the necessary conditions to make this one of the most interesting growth opportunities for years to come.

Within the renewables market, waste to energy production looks set to offer exponential growth potential and opportunities. In first world countries, waste processing companies and municipalities are searching for sophisticated waste or waste-to-energy solutions as they realize that their present waste disposal and incineration models are no longer economically viable nor socially and/or environmentally acceptable. In other parts of the world where waste processing is unregulated and toxic municipal and industrial waste is often disposed of illegally, the market for such solutions is even larger still.

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In large areas of the world, almost unlimited amounts of biomass are readily available. There is therefore, an enormous opportunity to use all types of solid and liquid municipal and industrial waste as secondary raw material (SERAMAT) for conversion into bio-fuel and electricity. Indeed many national and international organizations are highly supportive of new processes in the area of waste and/or biomass–to-cellulosic fuel. However, few of the technologies available today are economically practical and even fewer can be used on large to very large industrial scale projects, thus diminishing their potential to be real economic alternatives to fossil fuels.

Resource Conversion however is a different story, turning challenges into opportunites, offering the possibility to participate in the roll-out of an innovative, game changing technology that is set to play a major role in what is predicted to be the fastest growing segment of the global energy market. Handpicked by APIH, Resource Conversion has the patented, proven and fully operational technology and processes to become THE leading company in XtL* (third generation cellulosic fuels) technologies for secondary raw materials and decentralized energy production.

Currently unchallenged in terms of competition and deemed to be 6-7 years ahead of the competition, Resource Conversion's patented, state-of-the-art Catalytic Conversion process 'CCC' (a catalytic reforming process) uses natural cycles to make productive use of energy released during the processing of raw materials. Its technology has the potential to substantially improve the living conditions of millions of people worldwide, providing an inexpensive and reliable way to supplement the world's declining energy supply.

With existing revenues and assets, economics not sensitive to business cycles, indeed political, economic or environmental crisis will only strengthen the demand Resource Conversions technology, combined with a huge demand overhang in a market expecting exponential growth, now is the right time for early Investors looking for new projects that will not only enable them to do good, but also do well with high level returns.

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