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Indications are that the demand for luxury travel is expected to grow and indeed, in many parts of the world, luxury hotels have recovered far more quickly from the global recession than in other economic sectors. In direct response to market forces and our Investors, APIH formed an additional, specialized team focusing solely on funding concept, luxury resort and real estate infrastructure developments.

Our Specialists provide a comprehensive turnkey consultancy service tailored to the landowners or property developer's specific requirements, from advising on planning applications to guidance on overcoming challenges related to property development. We provide both resort property development consultancy for sub developers to sustainable full master development consultancy.

We typically provide a full planning, development, sales and marketing appraisal of a clients holdings, be they a retail, residential, commercial or leisure property. We couple this with devising the most appropriate strategy to realize the site/properties potential whilst meeting operational requirements.

APIH's Turnkey Consultancy Services for Resort & Real Estate Development can be divided into five categories:

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Strategic Planning and Concept Development
Clients regularly approach APIH with requests to develop the strategic planning and long-term vision for a project and to create a concept most advantageous for the piece of land in question. Following careful evaluation of the plot, our team devises and presents the most appropriate concept including the strategic planning for its development in order to fully maximise the potential of said project.

Due Diligence & Funding
APIH's partner Barclay Hamilton Steele performs due diligence on all projects and concepts presented to APIH.
APIH exposes projects to the market; undertaking pre-marketing tests and evaluating project viability in terms of attracting funding. We also carry out commercial and marketing activities whilst liaising with our extensive corporate and private investor network during the fund raising process.

Master Plan & Architecture
Once APIH and the client have agreed upon the concept, we commence work on developing the master plan and architecture. During this phase, high quality 3D renderings are a key tool enabling the client to visualize the completed development, essentially bringing it to life.

Project Management, Financial Planning and Exit strategies
APIH offers full project management for both construction and execution management of recommended strategies. In addition, extensive financial planning in available where clients are able to see possible cash flow scenarios during the entire development process. A fundamental part of this planning stage is presenting the client with carefully calculated options in order that they can choose the most beneficial exit strategy.

PR & Communication and Marketing & Sales
Once key elements such as concept development, master planning, architecture and financial planning are in place, APIH also advises project developers on issues of strategic planning, developing and implementing PR & Communication, Marketing and Sales plans. Unlike other management consultants, we also offer the client the benefit of our experience and execute the plans on their behalf.

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APIH specializes in funding concept mixed-use luxury resort and real estate infrastructure developments and provides funding across a wide range of sectors.

APIH specializes in funding concept mixed-use luxury resort and real estate infrastructure developments and provides funding across a wide range of sectors.

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