Project Funding

APIH invests in and originates loans to provide venture capital and private equity financing to clients, be it raising capital for new ventures or to meet the growth objectives of an expanding business. Typically these investments and loans are longer-term in nature.

We invest both directly and indirectly through feeder funds and are constantly searching for new ways in which to turn opportunities into growth. Having aligned ourselves with some of the most prestigious financial institutions, we've forged strategic alliances with major banks, institutions and hedge funds.

With a successful first round funding crucial to the success of a project, we are extremely selective of the projects we take on board. Each funding request received is meticulously studied and the project tactically exposed to the market where it undergoes pre-marketing tests and is evaluated in terms of both project viability and attracting funding, ensuring it has a healthy exit strategy which is essential.

Funding requests are received at varying stages of the development cycle from concept stage onwards. APIH provides assistance and support every step of the way, through careful management and strictly controlled procedures, laying the essential foundations necessary to commence a successful capital raising process.

APIH houses a team of highly skilled and experienced industry experts who are specialists in the markets in which we raise capital and we have created a vast database of industry contacts.

We take pride in being able to respond directly, quickly and efficiently to our clients funding requests.

APIH's turnkey consultancy services are second to none. As such we are able to assist our clients from project conception to project completion and beyond.

APIH specializes in funding concept mixed-use luxury resort and real estate infrastructure developments and provides funding across a wide range of sectors.

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